Strathfield Law can advise you on the terms of commercial contracts and explain your rights and obligations under the contract. We will negotiate terms with the other parties to achieve your commercial goals. We offer representation in all areas of commercial law including negotiations for and formation of contracts, joint ventures, partnerships, arbitrations, mediations and negotiations, hire purchase, banking and finance transactions.

If you are in business and are a company or use the postal/telephone services beware Trade Practices laws which are complex and far reaching. Even if you are a sole trader Fair Trading laws apply to you. Those statutes touch most aspects of producing, distributing and marketing products and services in NSW and Australia.

STRATHFIELD LAW can help clients:

  • We can advise on the most appropriate trading structures whether by joint venture, partnership, agency, distribution or cooperative arrangements
  • We can advise on compliance with relevant laws affecting your trade or business
  • We can assist in documenting the trading relationship between you, suppliers and customers and help protect your rights and maximize income; well at least minimize the chance of losing money in unnecessary legal disputes
  • We can review advertising copy for legal issues (prevention is better than cure)

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We can help you use what might otherwise be legislative burdens strategically when you plan major transactions.
Successful commercial transactions are vital for growing companies. You need sound advice.
Meet Corporate Governance obligations.

As a company director or manager, you are personally liable to ensure you and the company meet rigorous Corporations Law and Trade Practices Act requirements. We can assist you to avoid penalties for non-compliance. With Strathfield Law’s advice for all your directors and managers you can be confident.

We can help establish a new business

With Strathfield Law’s advice you will get the most productive structure for your new business. We will ensure you keep control, have flexibility for future operations and assist to minimize tax liability.

We can help Restructure and finance businesses for growth.

We have an associated finance arm. Growing private and public companies need funding. The question always is ‘How best to obtain finance for growth? And it is often answered with new structure and ownership arrangements.

STRATHFIELD LAW has extensive experience with successful buyouts, debt raising, equity finance, joint ventures

We can help Plan the future of your family business.

Ensuring the future of family owned businesses requires planning for all possible contingencies.  You need to anticipate economic and emotional issues.

This takes great thought and care. Experienced Strathfield Law Solicitors will help ensure you achieve the desired outcomes for your business.



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