We can advise on estate planning issues including taxation issues, treatment of estate and non-estate assets, use of the testamentary discretionary trust structure and trustee discretionary powers and Preparation of Estate Planning documents

Planning for the security of your loved ones once you are gone is an issue that is neglected by many Australians. Many Australians die each year without a will and many of the remainder die with wills that do not reflect their current needs. Estate Planning is sometimes left by people until it is too late. Provide certainty and save expense in the long term. Talk to us about your Will and Estate Planning. Some people for a variety of reasons avoid making a Will. Don’t be one of them. The consequences for your family, if not very serious can be expensive. Do you want the government to take your hard earned assets? Do you really like the Government that much?

We have acted for more than two decades in advising on and drawing wills. We hold in safe custody a large number of clients’ Wills and other important documents. There is no charge for this service.

No Will drawn by us has ever been successfully challenged. Some have tried and failed.

We quickly and accurately advise and prepare wills for clients, often within a day or so of receiving instructions.

A simple will can be prepared from instructions taken over the telephone. The usual charge for a simple will executed at our Office is approximately $200.00.


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