We can prepare franchising agreements and act on the settlement and transfer of franchised business Franchising is a popular form of business ownership. You can operate your own business under the banner of an already established business or model. Each franchise model is different and there are many important issues to be covered by both franchisors and franchisees.

Our Solicitors can help you structure your franchise system; prepare necessary contracts to help protect your creative ideas. We can ensure your franchise system complies with the (the almost universally) mandatory Franchising Code of Conduct. Strathfield Law can assist franchisors on all issues that will from time to time arise when running a franchise.

Strathfield Law can help you decide if a franchise system is going to assist to grow your business further or is viable for a new business idea.

If you are a prospective Franchisee, consider such issues as:

  • The fees (including hidden fees and profit sharing) payable to the franchisor
  • The duration and start up costs of complying with the agreement
  • The reputation and trading record of the franchisor
  • Its advertising budget and any back-up services¬† offered
  • The terms of sale for goods supplied by the franchisor and
  • The obligation to conform to the franchisors business practices
  • The Franchise model


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