One of our firm’s specialised areas is Land Law and below we have outlined important information relating to different aspects of this service.


Preparation of and advising in relation to real estate and business contracts, commercial property leases and company structures. We provide a written Costs disclosure of all fees exceeding $750, together with an estimate of expenses and government charges to assist you to you to budget for these expenses.


We arrange all you need for your contract for sale, including: zoning certificate; title search, sewerage diagram; and other relevant documentation.

We will negotiate terms with your buyer on your behalf and once contracts have been exchanged, we arrange for the discharge of your mortgage and organise settlement.

Settlement usually takes place six weeks after exchange of contracts. At settlement (or completion), we distribute sale proceeds as you direct.

For a smooth and successful sale of your property, call Strathfield Law.


We discuss your particular property needs and all the steps involved in buying a property, and provide advice on every aspect of the transaction.

We review the contract for sale and then advise you on the contract and negotiate for any necessary amendments. We can if you wish arrange pest, building and other inspection reports that you may require and perform the necessary government enquiries.

Once contracts have been exchanged, we attend to stamping contracts and can if you require advise you on the terms of your mortgage. Settlement usually takes place six weeks after exchange of contracts. Once settlement has been completed, we provide you with a full report and may if you require arrange for you to collect your keys.

For a stress free and successful real property purchase call Strathfield Law


Incorporation of public and private companies and advice.

We can advise on the formation and operation of partnerships, trusts and joint ventures.

There are numerous important issues for the vendor or purchaser of business or business assets, including warranties, claw backs, finance, leasing, goodwill, employees, business assets, GST, non-competition and business names/trademarks.

Contact us early in the negotiations so that we can help in the formation of the Contract.

Our Solicitors can identify the critical issues which arise in property and business transactions. For example we can prepare Business Succession Planning documentation and advise on how to structure business succession agreements. The issues include for example involuntary departure of a principal from a business (through death, total and permanent disablement or trauma) or voluntary departure of a principal from a business (by retirement or sale of an interest in the business) and the related funding arrangements and taxation implications.

We can help buy and develop property wisely.

Property development in the age of “community consultation” is complex and time consuming. The team at Strathfield Law has a strong tradition and experience in CBD, suburban and rural property development. Whether you are buying, sub-dividing, developing, selling and leasing commercial, industrial and residential property or making town planning applications or submissions to local government. Or raising finance on the security of mortgages, debentures and other assets. Or raising equity funds by property syndication and joint ventures. We can help!


Landlords beware: The enforceability and correct drafting of your lease is vital to protect your property investment.

For tenants, the lease of your business premises is inevitably essential to the success of your business. You must ensure that you negotiate the best lease terms possible to avoid having to pay unexpected costs or change some important aspect of your operations in the future. We will add value to your Lease.

In property lease matters, we take the practical approach and at a reasonable price. We will advise you of your rights and obligations in a range of matters. For example:

  • Exercise of options to renew
  • Assignment of leases and sub-leases
  • Rent reviews
  • Personal guarantees and other securities for leasing
  • Insurance requirements
  • Options to purchase
  • Liability Issues (For heaven’s sake take out Public Liability Insurance!)


Do you need advice on an urgent property matter?

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