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All civil legal cases involve a degree of risk, not just that you might lose but more importantly that if the case should go against you, you might be ordered to pay the other parties’ legal costs. In some cases, those legal costs (although it might seem perverse) might exceed the compensation or damages you were seeking.

In the world of commerce, time means money. Strathfield Law has the knowledge and expertise to assist to resolve disputes before they become large and expensive court actions.


If necessary when disputes develop into litigation we have the skills and technology to advise clients and conduct cases to hearing. Our Solicitors are experienced in gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and dealing with qualified experts. And we have no hesitation in advising you to take advantage of any opportunity to resolve the dispute or settle the case. But it is always best to bargain from a position of strength. In many cases the early application of an experienced Solicitor’s dispute resolution skills may turn a potentially disastrous situation into a more positive, if not speedier outcome.  We never lose sight of the underlying principle of dispute resolution; i.e. to be efficient and effective in benefiting our clients’ business’ goals. In business we understand it is not always possible to avoid disputes. It is possible, with our advice, to choose those disputes deserving of maximum resources and those which should be compromised in the most time and cost effective manner.

Finally, prevention is better inevitably than cure. Our litigation lawyer can help minimize the risk of legal problems, and can train your staff on areas relevant to the business. Invest in avoiding bad accounts and bad business relationships and your investment should repay you many times over.


Despite good financial controls every business owner sooner or later has to deal with a customer or client who won’t pay or who disputes an invoice, account or some aspect of the business relationship. If it’ a small debt; here is our advice for free; forget it. Litigation costs money and a hard fought case will cost the same amount if it is about $1,000 or $30,000. You have to balance risk, cost and cost effectiveness. Call our litigation lawyer for a free initial telephone consultation. We will discuss your particular case in detail, assess your likely chance of success, indicate likely fees, and determine what you want to achieve and advise the alternatives to court action.


Strathfield Law has years of experience in acting on loan defaults and enforcement of loan securities. Call us at an early stage.


Our team has experience in areas such as:

  • Divorce & Judicial Separation
  • Custody
  • Financial Settlements
  • De Facto Relationships

The Solicitors at Strathfield Law have for some decades conducted successful Family Law proceedings for some of our clients. Our firm and its clients have enjoyed considerable success in these matters which are emotion charged and often complex

The Solicitors at Strathfield Law conduct Family Law matters personally with the assistance of a small group of highly specialized Family Law Barristers. Our experience in this area is used to minimize discomfort and stress to the client. Where possible draft statements are usually forwarded to and received by email from clients and are perfected in as stress free and supportive environment as possible.


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